IMG Leaders Attend Important Meeting with Real Estate Enterprises Chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha

Today, on March 10, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha chaired an important meeting with the Ministry of Construction to review the Investment Construction Proposal. The meeting was conducted positively, with participation from numerous representatives of various ministries and businesses.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha emphasized key issues, stating that the implementation of the Investment Construction Proposal is not just about creating 1 million social housing units. He highlighted the need for industrial park planning and proposed a comprehensive plan to develop new urban areas with complete infrastructure.

img leaders attend important meeting with real estate enterprises chaired by deputy prime minister tran hong ha


During the meeting, Le Tu Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMG Investment Joint Stock Company, highlighted the difficulties faced during the 2022-2024 period, noting that both the country and businesses have worked together to overcome these challenges, showing positive signs. He also shared the following during the meeting:

"Dear Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, leaders of ministries, local authorities, the State Bank of Vietnam, and banks, as well as the press agencies.

The years 2022-2024 have been difficult for businesses and the country. We appreciate the government’s focus on resolving difficulties, leading to signs of positive transformation.

Proposal 1: The government needs to set deadlines for implementing guiding documents. The prolonged delay in the implementation of such documents by various localities must be addressed.

Proposal 2: The Prime Minister and the Standing Committee of the Government should help us address the adjustment of planning and ensure that land, which has fulfilled financial obligations and is not due to the enterprise's fault, is not repossessed.

Land Fund: The process of creating a land fund by localities is very slow; from planning to bidding takes 3-10 years, reducing national resources. Proposal 3: Localities should expedite the completion of land funds for bidding. Bidding should focus not only on the capacity of the contractor but also on land prices and planning, as funds address current needs while planning provides long-term benefits for the people. Public Trust in the Real Estate Market: Currently, people are still hesitant to return to the real estate market, which remains lukewarm. Proposal 4: Stabilize interest rates at 7-9% over 3-5 years.

Encouraging Enterprises: The aspirations and resilience of enterprises are national assets that need to be encouraged. An enterprise cannot thrive if its leader lacks aspiration and resilience. Similarly, a nation cannot develop without leaders who inspire enterprises and national resources to strengthen the country. Proposal 5: The government should organize review and guidance conferences to resolve difficulties like this every 3-6 months to listen to the opinions of ministries and enterprises.

Proposal 6: Create a favorable investment environment: Currently, Long An is an example of an excellent investment environment. The province’s leadership truly sees the difficulties of enterprises as their own, providing reassurance and trust to businesses. On behalf of the enterprises, I thank the leadership of Long An.

Thank you to the government and Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha for being specific and decisive. This has instilled confidence in enterprises, helping them continue to stand and contribute to the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, we and other businesses will study reducing the prices of our products to create liquidity, and we will tell buyers: You should thank the government and Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha."

img leaders attend important meeting with real estate enterprises chaired by deputy prime minister tran hong ha

img leaders attend important meeting with real estate enterprises chaired by deputy prime minister tran hong ha

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha requested further research on the alignment between housing prices and people's incomes. He also proposed that ministries develop policies to facilitate and provide incentives regarding infrastructure, land, and finance to support organizations, individuals, and enterprises participating in construction. Mechanism and policy difficulties need to be urgently resolved under state leadership to enable the sustainable development of social housing projects, including land use planning and construction, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

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