IMG Phuoc Dong Expands with New Factory Blocks

The developer of Phuoc Dong Port Industrial Park is constructing additional factory blocks, each spanning 19,200 square meters, expected to be operational by Q2 2024.

According to the latest updates, IMG Phuoc Dong is in the process of developing these factory blocks to meet the growing demand for production space from tenant businesses. Orders for these facilities come from existing tenants operating steadily within Phuoc Dong Port Industrial Park and some are in the negotiation phase.

Although IMG Phuoc Dong only entered the rental factory development market in mid-2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the results in attracting investors have been promising. As of now, after completing the rough construction and continuing with auxiliary and landscaping works for three factory blocks (A1, A2, and B1), totaling 57,600 square meters, the company achieved 100% occupancy within the first six months of 2022.

In 2023, despite challenges in the industrial real estate market, IMG Phuoc Dong's factory products continued to attract attention. The recently completed B2.2 factory block, with an area of 19,200 square meters, was swiftly leased on August 1, as reported by IMG Phuoc Dong representatives.

To stimulate the market and meet the business goals for 2024, IMG Phuoc Dong has implemented several incentive policies for customers finalizing lease agreements in Q4, including attractive discounts and support packages.

For the two factory blocks B3.1 and B3.2, IMG Phuoc Dong has integrated modern office spaces of 800 square meters and accommodation facilities for experts, featuring two-story buildings with three-star equivalent standards, also covering 800 square meters within the factory area.

This added development aims to create a closed ecosystem where the needs for production space, workspaces, meeting rooms, product display areas, customer meeting spaces, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, and relaxation areas are all adequately met at reasonable costs, ensuring that customers can focus on production and growth.

img phuoc dong expands with new factory blocks

Located adjacent to the Vam Co River, the industrial park boasts nearly 4 kilometers of riverfront and an international port capable of accommodating ships with a capacity of up to 20,000 DWT.

Phuoc Dong Port Industrial Park is considered by both domestic and international investors to be an attractive investment destination in the southern region of Ho Chi Minh City.

Taking advantage of its strategic location and convenient transportation connections, IMG Phuoc Dong has allocated 35 hectares of land to develop high-quality ready-built factory and warehouse rental products, attracting high-caliber investors to build factories.

IMG Phuoc Dong’s business strategy is viewed by observers as a suitable direction to ensure harmonious and stable cash flow development, maintaining its land reserves and promoting sustainable growth.

IMG Phuoc Dong has identified its target customers as international investors who need large-scale factories with solid structures, spacious layouts, and modern, integrated infrastructure systems. Each factory block developed by IMG Phuoc Dong covers 19,200 square meters.

img phuoc dong expands with new factory blocks


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