CEO’s Message

During the development, we would always consider the following questions: How will we assist our tenant to settle down in their new manufacturing destination as quickly and efficiently as possible? While also offering the most competitive pricing and minimizing risks for our investors? These questions had guided us to implementing necessary objectives to provide quality products and services for our clients.

At IMG Phuoc Dong, we provide a wide variety of manufacturing options such as land for lease, built to suit factories (BTS), ready-built factories (RBF), warehouses, and access to the domestic waterway port system. Moreover, our pre-built factories will be provided through flexible leasing spaces ranging from 6,400 square meters to 19,200 square meters, with well adapted lighting, ventilation and transit systems. Manufacturing utilities and amenities are also ready to be provided to along with our leasing spaces to ensure smooth transitions and operations at our industrial park.

With the full support of the local government, we have implemented a one-stop service department to provide a swift and effective administration procedure at our industrial park, including business administration, investment administration, import/export registration, C/O certificates, labor recruitment, etc…

We share our values with our investors. At IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port, we strive to provide a manufacturing destination with low risks, built on international standards and offered at one of the most competitive pricing in the region.


We wish you all success and hope to hear from you!



Overview of IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port

IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port has a total area of 128.8 hectares. The park’s main traffic system has four lanes, in addition to an internal traffic system with two lanes, pavements, and trees.

The scale of the pre-built factory area for lease  with a 32MW solar powered system.

A system of wharf clusters can welcome larger cargo ships up to 20,000DWT and is well-equipped with complete technical infrastructure ready to support professional investors and their demands, along with the facility’s high-end utilities and internal services. The port will function as a transshipment port to the dynamic South-West region and international economic areas since our registration to the Vietnam River Port System. Moreover, the port will be conveniently connected to other transportation routes, such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Long An International Port, Cat Lai Port, and Cai Mep Port.

Furthermore, being located in the key economic region of the South has given our park can access the abundant human resources coming from neighboring provinces and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, IMG Phuoc Dong Park & Port can be considered a magnet to attract investors in the near future.


Legal transparency

IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port is also deemed a strong destination for investors who require simplicity and transparency in administrative procedures. The industrial park has already prepared full legal dossiers and land use right certificates, which will prove beneficial for investors receiving funding from IMG’s strategic partner, Asia Commercial Bank. At IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port, the site clearance work has been fully completed, and construction of a wastewater treatment plant, technical infrastructure, traffic systems, and electrical connections is also fully accomplished in accordance with the granted construction permit while meeting all relevant standard.

In cooperation with the government, projects at IMG Phuoc Dong can profit from attractive tax incentives, such as an exemption of corporate income tax for the first two years and a reduction of 50 per cent for the following four years, an exemption of import tax, and preferential material import incentives for investors.

IMG Phuoc Dong is also giving priority to green, clean, and sustainable factors for all parts of the facility such as warehouses, logistics, and port administration, etc... to become a green industrial park.


Prioritized industries

  • Electronics, hi-tech industries & telecommunications
  • Mechanical engineering, processing & manufacturing
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • Footware, textile & garment
  • Food & agriculture
  • Furniture & building materials
  • Warehousing, logistics & ports
  • Supporting industries



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