Meeting to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day

On the afternoon of October 10, the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Long An province held a meeting to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day (October 13, 2004 - October 13, 2022).

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council - Nguyen Van Duoc; Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation - Nguyen Thanh Hai; Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut and leaders of departments, agencies and over 400 businessmen attended.
Over the past time, along with businessmen across the country, entrepreneurs in Long An province have gradually affirmed their position in the market; constantly creating and innovating; growing in both quantity and quality. In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the production and business activities of the business community in the province. In that context, many businesses have flexibly reorganized production and business activities to safely adapt to the actual situation. Accordingly, in the first nine months of 2022, the province's economic growth (GRDP) will reach 9.43%. State budget revenue reached 96%, of which domestic revenue reached 98%. In the domestic revenue, the contribution to the provincial budget from the Enterprise sector is about 4,600 billion VND, accounting for about 35% of the domestic revenue.
With the motto: "Enterprises thrive, localities develop", "In the success of enterprises, there are obligations of the government", ... provincial leaders commit to continue accompanying businesses, focusing on improving administrative measures, improving the investment and business environment, completing the infrastructure system, training high-quality human resources, etc. to enhance investment attraction and contribute to economic development - local society.meeting to celebrate the 18th anniversary of vietnamese entrepreneurs ?? day

Provincial leaders take souvenir photos with businessmen at the meeting
Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Nguyen Van Ut believed that the business community and the entrepreneurial team would continue to be dynamic, creative, and rise strongly with confidence, responsibility and affection for the company. revolutionary homeland, making worthy contributions to the development of the province, together with the Party Committee and people of ethnic groups in the province strive to make Long An a leading province in the Mekong Delta by 2025 and by 2020. By 2030, strive to become a well-developed province in the Southern Key Economic Region.
In the warm atmosphere of the meeting, many businessmen expressed their feelings, beliefs and joy towards the undertakings and policies of the Party and State for businesses; highly appreciate the companionship of the province in the past time. At the same time, share his experiences and interests in the operation and management of businesses and also the spirit and responsibility for the homeland and the country.
"We believe in the cohesion between the government and businesses, in the spirit of cooperation of the authorities, the companionship and support from the provincial leaders, from which to maximize the potential, local advantages, building a strong development Long An business community" - Chairman of the Council of Business Associations in the Mekong Delta, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Tam Group - Business Vo Quoc Thang said.

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