ready built   built to suit factory

Ready Built & Built To Suit Factory

ready built   built to suit factory


Number of Floors/ Levels

1 floor

Flexible Areas

1.600m2 x 12 = 19.200m2

Top Height


Side Height


Column to Column Spacing



Roof, wall

ready built   built to suit factory
Internal Floor loading
Entrance driveway 

Reinforced concrete for driveway

Ground floor 20 KN/m(2 tones/ m2)
Gate Roller shutter gate    
Facade    Ventilated louver doors with light poles    

Built To Suit Factory

With the unique diversity of each industry, we offer our Built to Suit factories to meet the technical demands tailored to the needs of our clients. IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park And Port will be able to assist in the process of design selections, construction, supervision, and support units to optimize costs as well as maintaining construction qualities. We strive to assist our clients to maximize usability, stabilize production, while also reducing initial investment costs in order for a swift yet effective process to hand-over the final products.

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