Ready serviced factory in South Vietnam

When selecting a ready serviced factory in South Vietnam, warehouse for rent, businesses will receive an industrial factory rental service with optimal quality and reasonable rental price. Besides owning a prime location in an industrial park in the south of Vietnam.

Ready serviced factory in South Vietnam is in line with the trend of modern development


Regarded as a prominent development in recent years under the guidelines of a green and sustainable industrial park, IMG is incorporating modern technologies for the project such as: solar energy, smart digital management, smart warehouse operation system following European standards.

In Long An, IMG Phuoc Dong is considered one of the modern industrial parks of South Vietnam, we provide a variety of manufacturing options for our clients including built-to-suite factories, warehouse for rent, land lease in industrial zones,…. The most prominent is the Ready serviced factory near the urban with flexible production space from 800 m2 -19,200 m2, with full lighting and ventilation systems. During the production process basic utilities are also provided fully and synchronously to meet the needs of your business.

In addition, Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port also offers "one-stop service", including free initial legal support, license related to environmental services, tax exemption for the first two years, low rental and shipping fees.

Ready serviced factory in South Vietnam


+ Labor force in Long An and neighboring provinces will have more job opportunities in factories.

+ Southern retailers will pay less for transportation cost due to better access to factories.

+ The increase in labor participation will benefit the population in the area significantly, which leads to the efficient and synchronous development of public infrastructures including transportation, education and health systems.

+ Improved living standards for locals. The growth in business operations will increase average salary for locals, and ultimately improving economic conditions.

+ This newly established project of IMG Phuoc Dong will create momentum for private investments while also promoting economic development.

+ According to businesses, the reason they invest in Ready serviced factory near urban areas is because of synchronous infrastructure and supporting services. This is the dominant advantage when comparing to industrial zones in less developed areas. Other deciding factors include simple and convenient application procedure for investment licenses. During the investment process, clients will always receive complete support from the developers as well as the local authorities.

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