Seminar on Green Technology Development at Phuoc Dong Industrial Park

On March 21, Chairman Le Tu Minh, along with other leaders of IMG Investment Joint Stock Company, attended a special seminar with a delegation from Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The seminar aimed to establish a close collaboration between the two parties in developing a Green Industrial Park, applying green and circular technologies in waste and wastewater treatment.

The seminar's content focused on building an advanced and sustainable Green Industrial Park model, particularly at Phuoc Dong Industrial Park. According to the plan, the implementation of this model will begin in May 2024. The first phase will involve changing the habits of the community, including local residents, officials, and employees, from waste sorting at the source to forming green consumption habits.

seminar on green technology development at phuoc dong industrial park

IMG Investment JSC is committed to fully contributing to the construction of this Green Industrial Park model. The Chairman shared ideas and strategies to promote the use of green technology and effective waste and wastewater treatment methods. He also emphasized the importance of developing green consumption habits within the community.

The seminar was held in a very positive and enthusiastic atmosphere from both sides. Researchers and experts from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, contributed their insights and expertise to the discussion, promising an effective collaboration that will yield positive results in building the Green Industrial Park model at Phuoc Dong Industrial Park.

seminar on green technology development at phuoc dong industrial park

Both parties have high expectations for a bright and sustainable future, where the Green Industrial Park will not only be a place for production and business but also a living and working environment that is friendly to the environment. Through this collaboration, IMG Investment JSC aims to contribute to environmental protection and conservation while promoting sustainable development in the region.

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