Service good price land for lease near the port

Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port is a new industrial zone developed by IMG Investment JSC with office located in Can Duoc district, Long An province. This industrial park offers Good price land for lease with port access to investors by providing manufacturing options such as factories for rent and industrial real estate for long-term lease. Along with being in a strategic location, this project appears to be the ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors.

IMG Phuoc Dong - Good price land for lease near the port


In the Mekong Delta region, there are few good price lands for lease near seaports. Besides basic port services, IMG Phuoc Dong Long An also provides full packages of logistic services that bring values ​​to clients such as warehouse rentals, customs clearance, one stop services, and more. Investing in IMG Phuoc Dong will allow our investors to reduce logistics spending and other benefits.

Economic experts believe that at present, about 70-80% of import and export goods from the Mekong Delta region are transported through Ho Chi Minh City ports by road. This increases road traffic pressure, and traffic jams on Highway 1. Therefore, cost of goods is projected to increase significantly due to transportation and storage issues that comes with and expanding market. Having a production and/or warehouse facilities in one of Long An’s major ports will have goods transported more efficiently by relieving traffic pressure to the congested logistic system of Ho Chi Minh City. More importantly, Long An will grow to become one of the major driving force of socio-economic development of the Southern economic region in the near future.

Recently, on March 21, Long An province has commenced the inauguration ceremony of Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port with the attendance of major political figures has directed bodies of governments to further assist businesses overcome difficulties to create a more business friendly environment for the growth of the province. This direction will allow IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port to utilize its potentials and develop more effectively in the future.

Where good price land for lease near ports are:


IMG Phuoc Dong Industrial Park & Port can be accessed by both roadway and waterway with connection to other provinces and major cities in the Southern Economic Region. In particular, the park has an advantageous location, housing its own transshipment port and well-equipped with infrastructures including:

+ Modern wastewater treatment station to meet the demands of incoming investors.

+ Built in fire prevention system is ready for operation, in compliance with the current regulations of the authorities.

+ One-stop services in licensing applications for foreign and domestic investment and operation.

+ Consultant services in designing, construction, finishing, customs clearance, tax, wastewater management, etc.

+ Supporting services for recruitment and training, telecommunications, electricity, water, and housing.

+ Supply of construction materials and services: sewers, piles, floor tiles, roofing tiles, paint, water with competitive prices.

+ Telecommunication: telecommunication network with international standards such as MDF board, high speed internet connection provided to serve the needs of clients.

+ Multipurpose land use: abundance and available land sufficient for offices, banks, hospitals, post offices, schools, commercial and service centers, restaurants, offices for lease, kindergartens, warehouses, and more

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