Strategic Partnership Event Between IMG Company Leaders and Partners

The introduction and collaboration event between IMG Investment JSC and its strategic partners took place enthusiastically at Phuoc Dong Industrial Park.

On the morning of March 15, a special event was held at Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, where IMG company leaders and strategic partners gathered to discuss future cooperation opportunities.

The leadership of IMG delivered an engaging presentation, providing an overview of the industrial park and introducing new incentive policies for strategic partners in 2024. The most notable highlights were increased discounts and commissions, offering the most attractive rates in the southern region. This promises an exciting cooperation and investment environment, as well as profitability for partners.

strategic partnership event between img company leaders and partners

Additionally, payment policies were given special attention, with the best solutions proposed for partners. Transparency and legality of payment terms were ensured, creating a safe and transparent business environment.

The meeting between IMG and its strategic partners proceeded smoothly, marked by cooperation and mutual understanding. This event was not only an opportunity to introduce new policies but also to strengthen relationships between partners.

strategic partnership event between img company leaders and partners

All parties have high expectations for a long-term and sustainable partnership. Through this event, IMG reaffirmed its role as a reliable partner, bringing real value to its strategic partners.

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  1. Ngày đăng: 15-03-2024
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